Within a 200 mile radius and less than a half day drive, you can reach over 30 million people and access major markets such as Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Columbus. We have a regional population of over 750,000 and a workforce of 430,000 providing a stable employment base with a strong Midwestern work ethic.
Why Marshall County? - Strategic Business Advantages
Marshall County has strategic advantages to meet your business needs now and into the future.
  • State and local fiscal stability
Who are we? - The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation
The Marshall County EDC is the lead economic development organization serving Marshall County and its communities. Our mission statement and strategic plan guide our program and results.
For the fast facts on Marshall County, see our County Profile.
Marshall County
Town of Bremen
Town of Bourbon
Town of Argos
Town of Culver
Town of LaPaz
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