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Population Reach

This is the business-friendly place where capital investment outpaced other Indiana county per capita in 2019. Let's grow your  business here.

Marshall County is known throughout the Midwest for an eclectic mix of international and American companies in both the high tech and traditional manufacturing sectors. Well-positioned at the crossroads of Indiana, companies in this region can reach nearly 40 million people across the country within a half day drive.


The combination of major highways, rail and international air service, means a cargo container can be shipped to any place on the planet within 4 days.

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Explore the Regions of Marshall County

Our skilled labor force boasts a strong Midwestern work ethic, and our robust entrepreneurial ecosystem ensures startups and mature industries continue to thrive. This is also a place with low taxes and a quality of life that other regions across the country can only dream of.

Select a city or town to learn more.


At a Glance

Nearly a hundred different manufacturing companies call this place home, including six international operations and over a dozen corporate headquarters.

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12 U.S. Headquarters in Marshall County


City of Plymouth

American Containers, Inc.

Arrow Services, Inc.

Auto Park

U.S. Granules Corp.

Wiers International Trucks

Winona Building Products, LLC

Zentis North America, LLC


Town of Bremen

Bremen Castings

Digger Specialities, Inc.

Universal Bearings, LLC


Town of Bourbon

Indiana Composites, LLC

Northern Indiana Manufacturing

6 International Companies in Marshall County


Plastics and Rubber Products

LaSalle Bristol Manufacturing (UK)

MAAX, Inc. (Canada)

Nishikawa Standard Company, LLC (Japan)


Food Processing

Zentis North America, LLC (Germany)


Metals Manufacturing

Indiana Wheel Company (China)

Universal Bearings, LLC (South Korea)

See for yourself what Marshall County has been up to.

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