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Celebrating over 10 years of successful economic development

The Marshall County EDC (MCEDC) was established in 2007 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization to be the lead agency for all economic development activities throughout Marshall County, the Crossroads of Indiana, and an established industrial and transportation corridor in North Central Indiana. MCEDC has raised the economic development profile around the state through success and its strategic plan always focused on how Marshall County is successful in advancing economic development forward for the benefit of its residents.

MCEDC serves the following communities:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Marshall County EDC is to expand and diversify the economy of the County and its communities by fostering investment in new and existing facilities and creating entrepreneurial capacity. 

What Directs MCEDC? - Strategic Plan

To achieve our mission, MCEDC has developed a strategic plan focused on guiding growth initiatives and diversifying the economy. The strategic plan involves four programs: 

  1. Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) - Through the use of interviews with business leaders, the BEAR  program aims to learn about the issues companies face so MCEDC can develop solutions. In particular, the BEAR program will uncover expansion opportunities, and assist in these expansions.

  2. Business Attraction - MCEDC will identify and develop our county's business assets, and market them to targeted businesses in order to attract new industries to the area. 

  3. Entrepreneurial Hub - MCEDC, with area partners, will develop an entrepreneurial center, incorporating elements for success and allowing innovative business ideas to prosper.

  4. Workforce Development - MCEDC, with area partners, will develop an immediate plan to address the availability of workers and ensure that our future workforce has the skills that our employers require.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site selection assistance for new and expanding businesses

  • Procurement of local, regional or state business development or job creation incentives

  • Guidance in regulatory or statutory processes including zoning, taxation and local government permitting

  • Dissemination of current workforce and demographic data and trends

Contact MCEDC, today! We act as a one-stop shop for your business development, expansion, or relocation.

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