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Air cargo, rail and trucking infrastructure all intersect in this region, making national and international business easy and affordable. Distribution takes advantage of the region's location at the Crossroads of Indiana — the intersection of U.S. 30 and U.S. 31, and a network of national and and state highways, including the Indiana Toll Road which takes us 98 miles west to Chicago, the third largest economy in the country.

From Marshall County, 4 of the nation’s largest 25 cities — Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Indianapolis are less than a half day drive from here. Boston, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Columbus and Nashville are less than a single day’s drive. 

And shipping/distribution costs are significantly lower here, than just a couple hours west in Chicago.

An International Airport

South Bend International Airport (SBN) is a short drive up U.S. 31. With direct service to 14 destinations in the U.S., the airlines out of SBN include American, United, Delta, Allegiant, and a thriving network of corporate jet services.

National and International cargo is shipped in and out of SBN for local companies every week. This service is enhanced by the airport’s Foreign Trade Zone and U.S. Customs office.

And SBN leadership is hard at work on a new rail-to-air freight hub for international shipping. The new hub will leverage our geographic location and further enhance the business environment in our region with hundreds of new jobs.

Unlike other airports, ours is entirely self-sustaining. SBN generates its own revenue to cover operating costs. And companies across the region take advantage of its proximity so they’re not wasting valuable time driving to and from places like Chicago for business flights.

SBN is in a growth phase — expanding the terminal, increasing parking and thinking outside the box to create new opportunities that make doing business in our region, even more compelling.

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