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Streamlined Onboarding

Marshall County’s streamlined process for onboarding new businesses complements our traditional base of core businesses.  A new and broader array of high tech and traditional manufacturing operations are seeing Marshall County for what it is – an easy place to do business and a great place to live.

Competitive Advantages

Marshall County has a competitive advantage in several industrial sectors that comprise our traditional core of businesses.

Plastics & Rubber Products

Food Processing



Paper, Wood
& Furniture

Automotive & Transporting Equipment

Transportation & Warehousing

High tech specialty engineering, fabrication and startup industries are also a growing presence in Marshall County. In fact, this region features an unusually high concentration of advanced robotics and a workforce that knows how to maintain and operate such systems.

If you’re looking for a great place to re-locate or startup, please contact us. We want you to know about our business incentives and answer any other question you have. Let’s work together on a bright future in Marshall County.

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