Success Stories


Culver Tool and Engineering, Inc., also known as CTE Solutions, operating for over 69 years, has announced a $3.7 million expansion to accommodate business growth with a new facility just north of its existing building in Plymouth. The expansion comes as a result of the City of Plymouth approving a real and personal property tax abatement for CTE Solutions.

1 Ribbon

Sand Hill Farm is a Regional Cities funded project that served as the cornerstone for Culvers Stellar Designation. The project will advance quality of life and provide vital workforce housing to support the towns largest employers. Sand Hill Farm has its roots in Culvers comprehensive plan with the goal of transforming the community to support employers, employees, and future residents with ample year-round housing options.

Hoosier Racing Tire

One of Plymouth's largest employers, Hoosier Racing Tire Corporation, has announced a $2.8 million expansion to build capacity as they expand into a new, global market. This expansion is supported by a tax abatement from the Plymouth City Council and represents the company's first step into the two-wheel racing market.


Indiana Wheel Company (IWC), a startup manufacturer that has roots with the largest steel wheel manufacturer in China, announced plans to launch operations in Plymouth. The move establishes Marshall County as a prime location for re-shoring companies. IWC plans to invest approximately $23 million in the expansion and plans to create nearly 117 jobs by 2022.


As a Stellar finalist for the 2nd year in a row, Marshall County is taking a broader focus through Quality of Life Planning that will grow our community for years to come. The Stellar steering committee recently held a workshop to engage stakeholders, allowing them to learn more about Stellar and get involved in the planning process. As a further measure of public engagement, our communities are stepping up to provide more funding to make sure that our Quality of Life Plan is supported at the local level.


Plymouths shell building, originally developed in 2014, was a proactive economic development plan to attract new businessone that not every community in todays market utilizes. This strategy has paid off by attracting snack manufacturer Pretzels, Inc. to the location and facilitating its continued success with three expansions in less than three years.