Workforce Development Pilot Project Launches

Access to a skilled workforce is the most pressing need for employers in Marshall County. This is why the Northern Indiana Workforce Board (NIWB), which operates Indiana’s WorkOne centers, and Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) are joining efforts to launch a pilot project in Marshall County that will assess the needs of area businesses and implement tailored solutions.
The Marshall County Workforce Development Program, due to its innovation, is one of three county programs selected by the NIWB. Marshall County’s Workforce Development project will utilize the newly designed workforce analysis software, TalentTM, developed by Blane Canada. Only a handful of counties in the Midwest have been selected to proof the system before it is made available to the wider economic development community. Using this system, information collected from employer interviews will provide data on employer needs and will be used to develop a comprehensive workforce development plan.
Thanks to MCEDC’s partnership with NIWB, this program can be used as a model and expanded throughout the region. The partnership between Marshall County and the Workforce Board leverages state resources and leadership to assemble forward thinking, action oriented steps to solve an issue that limits our employer’s ability to grow operations in Indiana.