Re-shoring for Plymouth with New Business

Indiana Wheel Company (IWC), a startup manufacturer that has roots with the largest steel wheel manufacturer in China, announced plans to launch operations in Plymouth. The move establishes Marshall County as a prime location for re-shoring companies. IWC is a joint venture led by China-based, Jingu Company Limited (Jingu) and 2 U.S. based businesses and specializes in the production and distribution of steel wheels for all trailer types and RVs. IWC plans to invest approximately $23 million in the expansion and plans to create nearly 117 jobs by 2022.
Parent company Jingu is the largest supplier of small trailer wheels in the world with 33 years of experience, supplying wheels for General Motors, Ford, and Volkswagen. The new Plymouth location represents IWC taking over a sizable building left vacant by Bay Valley when the company closed about one year ago. IWC will begin operations quickly and estimates that it will manufacture approximately 2.4 million wheels per year at the new Plymouth location.