Purdue University Looks for High-Tech Start Ups to Place Interns

WESTVILLE – Purdue University North Central is currently recruiting high-tech startup companies to participate in a system wide initiative called Interns for Indiana. Interns for Indiana is a competitive program that assists startup companies by partially funding high quality undergraduate interns. Interns are awarded to companies based on the need of the company, the opportunity for student on-the-job growth and the potential for quality experience for students. Currently PNC is seeking companies that wish to participate in the summer 2012 program.

Companies that participate in the Interns for Indiana summer program are matched with student interns that are expected to work 400 hours starting in May and ending in August. In exchange for their work, students are awarded a stipend of $4,500 for the summer for participation in the program. Participating companies and students are recognized each July in a celebration luncheon and poster session at Purdue University's Discovery Park Research Center in West Lafayette, Indiana. It is there that program participant's gain greater understanding of the program benefits on a statewide level.

The Interns for Indiana program is partially funded by the Lily Endowment. Participating companies are required to provide a membership fee to help cover a portion of student and program costs: Summer participation costs are $2,000 of the $4,500 stipend awarded to students for the summer. Organizations must apply to participate by Feb. 10.

“Although we are currently recruiting for companies to participate in the summer portion of the program, we are interested in talking to any high-tech startup organizations in the area, as PNC wants to find ways to partner with and support our business community as best as we can,” said Natalie Connors, director of Career Development at PNC.

Companies interested in being part of the Interns for Indiana program may contact Natalie Connors, PNC director of Career Development at nconnors@pnc.edu or 785-5200, ext. 5498.