Purdue Technical Assistance Program - Green Manufacturing Specialist Certification System

West Lafayette, Ind. -- Purdue University's Technical Assistance Program now offers an online version of its training course designed to help workers prepare to be certified as green manufacturing specialists.

The online workshop provides preparation for those wanting to take the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate exam. The program includes a videotaped lecture and PowerPoint presentations.

Topics covered include sustainability and global conditions, material and solid waste management, energy management, chemical waste management and green chemistry, climate change and air emissions management, supply water and wastewater management, and environmental business management.

The online review is in seven modules for 16 total hours. The cost is $700 per person and includes online access and a workbook. It does not include the SME exam cost.

To register for the online training, go to http://www.mep.purdue.edu/events/ and click on Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Online Review and Exam Preparation.

For more information on the certificate exam, go to http://www.sme.org/green/

This is the second online workshop offered by Purdue TAP. Also available is the Green Generalist Online workshop, which gives participants a general awareness of the key environmental issues facing companies and shows ways to redesign business practices using environmentally friendly techniques.

Source: Purdue University