North Central Indiana Awarded $42 Million for Economic Development

Governor Mike Pence has announced that the North Central Indiana Region, consisting of St. Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall County, has been awarded $42 million grant through the Regional Cities Initiative (RCI). The region owes its success in this endeavor to the willingness of three unique communities to work together for the common good.

The RCI was developed to address population stagnation and improve quality of place in Indiana communities. Business and community leaders from the North Central Indiana Region began collaborating on the application last year. The final application consisted of 39 projects aimed at creating talent-attracting environments in our communities, including expansion of the Metronet fiber-optic network throughout the three counties. Of these projects,10 are specifically dedicated to improving Marshall County.

The application process has encouraged our communities to work together in an unprecedented fashion, and our work is not yet done. The next step will be leveraging the grant to attract additional funding for the projects listed in the application, as well as establishing a process for additional projects to vie for a portion of the grant. For more information visit the Regional Cities of Northern Indiana website.