NIPSCO Plans $270 Million Electric Transmission Project

In December 2011, NIPSCO in conjunction with the Midwest Independent Transmission Systems Operator (MISO) announced plans to construct a 100 mile, 345 kilovolt transmission line between White and La Grange counties.  The $270 million transmission line is planned to go through Marshall County. 
The new line is one of 17 Multi-Value Projects identified within MISO's plans to improve the reliability and efficiency of the electric transmission grid within a 12 state region, including Indiana, and Canada's Manitoba province.  MISO is responsible for controlling, operating, and combining the transmission facilities of multiple utility providers within their region into a single transmission system to move energy over long distances.
Prior to beginning construction, the route for the new line will need to be determined. Once the route is finalized, the necessary right-of-way and permits will be obtained.  Engineering studies and environmental reviews including public meetings must be also be completed and approved. These activities will begin in 2012 and will take a minimum of two years to complete.     
The proposed line will increase access to the electric grid for large (10-20 megawatt) industrial users within Marshall County and will act as an additional incentive for future industrial attraction efforts.  
According to NIPSCO officials, the project will create jobs, increase the electrical system reliability, and improve access to energy markets for current and future renewable energy projects in Indiana.