Moving Forward with Marshall County Stellar Projects

The Marshall County Crossroads regional Stellar initiative has brought remarkable results for the entire region by developing a plan based on the shared goals of connecting, collaborating, and creating. Although Marshall County was not designated a Stellar community, several projects within the plan are planned to move forward in the coming year. When implemented, this plan will raise quality of place and improve quality of life for area residents.
16 Stellar projects and 13 complimentary projects were developed that will impact every city and town across Marshall County and have a projected $156 million economic impact on our region. Leaders will continue meeting in 2019 to organize priorities, develop strategies, and create a timeline to execute projects based upon regional impact. Our community is driving forward at full speed with projects that will increase population and school enrollment, attract skilled workers to the area, and diversify housing options. That is the true measure of success for Marshall County.