Middle of Everywhere Video Promotes Bourbon Opportunities

Few people know about the small town of Bourbon, Indiana, and its many unique opportunities. In an effort to change that, the town released a promotional video that will be used to attract potential residents and businesses. Bourbon, which is located near major markets such as Indianapolis, South Bend, and Chicago, is in the “middle of everywhere.”
This is just one of many ways Bourbon is working to grow their community. The town is planning to expand housing opportunities with a new residential development. Bourbon is also working to improve quality of place by planning events that attract visitors to the community and bring residents together. Bourbon is also collaborating with the region. The town is submitting projects and pledging $5,000 to help secure Marshall County’s Stellar designation after being named a finalist earlier this year. The promotional video highlights these activities and shows what words alone cannot—that Bourbon is a great place to live.