Marshall County Stellar Plan Provides Path for Future Success

After 7 months of collaboration, 15 steering committee meetings, and 2 public workshops, Marshall County has completed the final step in the Stellar application process. On November 15th, the steering committee traveled to Indianapolis to present the final plan, consisting of 16 Stellar projects and 13 complimentary projects. The plan is based on community engagement, including over 700 survey responses, a Facebook page reaching 21,574 users, and 15 email messages sent to 1,800 residents. These projects have an estimated $35 million capital expenditure and a $156 million return on investment.
The planning process officially began when Marshall County was named a finalist in April 2018. However, Marshall County’s history of collaboration started 6 years before that through County Development for the Future, Regional Cities, and Culver’s Stellar designation. The planning done by Marshall County Stellar has built upon this tradition. Designees will be announced December 10th, and regardless of the outcome, Marshall County will implement its planned projects, paving the path for future growth.