Marshall County Reaches Home Stretch in Stellar Initiative

Marshall County is near the end of an intense process leveraging public engagement and years of planning to create an over 110-page comprehensive plan aimed at improving quality of life. On September 21st, the Marshall County Crossroads Stellar Initiative team officially submitted the Regional Development Plan (RDP) to the Stellar selection committee. Since being named a finalist in April, Marshall County has held 10 steering committee meetings, formed 4 subcommittees, conducted 2 surveys, and held 2 public workshops.
The RDP is proof that Marshall County has come together to solve problems and create more livable and connected communities. This plan evolved from a long history of collaboration in Marshall County, which started over 5 years ago with the quarterly County Development for the Future meetings. This spirit of collaboration has continued through Marshall County’s role in the Regional Cities Initiative and Culver’s Stellar designation.
The final RDP consists of 16 Stellar projects and 13 complimentary projects that will grow the population, improve quality of place, and serve as a model for county-level regional planning. On November 15th, representatives from Marshall County will travel to Indianapolis to present the RDP to the Stellar selection committee. Stellar designees will be announced in December. Thanks to all Marshall County residents and leaders for their planning efforts, feedback, and support in this endeavor.