Marshall County Lauches On-Line Permitting System

Marshall County has launched an internet permitting system that will save users time while increasing government transparency and efficiency.  The service will be available 24/7 which will allow citizens and businesses to use it at their convenience.  Furthermore, the system will significantly reduce the time it takes to generate the permits and will streamline the entire permitting process for Marshall County.
Marshall County partnered with The Schneider Corporation to implement their innovative, e-government permitting solution.  Designed to eliminate many of the challenges that face local governments, the system will streamline workflows, reduce or eliminate the need for office visits, and improve customer satisfaction.  The system acts as a workflow manager that automates the process as a permit moves along to various local government departments and individuals,  Communication throughout the permitting process is a critical component and a system of alerts and email notifications to all relevant offices, as well as the applicant, ensures a smooth and seamless process.  The new system also integrates with the Marshall County Beacon GIS which provides additional benefits of the integration with existing property ownership and tax records, including auto-fill and auto-lookup of properties and web based map sketching.
The initial rollout includes contractor registration, food service permits and driveway permits.  Future releases will include building permits, septic permits, complaints and variances. 
Source: Schneider Corporation and Marshall County