Farm Innovators Expands in Plymouth

The Plymouth City Council continues to encourage local business growth by supporting a tax abatement for Farm Innovators, Inc., an agribusiness leader in the deicer and heated products market. With the aid of this tax abatement, Farm Innovators will be investing approximately $400,000 in a building expansion to accommodate increased sales and the introduction of new product lines. This expansion is supported by a 7-year real property tax abatement, which was approved by the Plymouth City Council at a public hearing on March 3rd. Farm Innovators has been a part of the Plymouth business community since 1995. The company is noteworthy for developing the first in a long line of products that provide livestock with drinkable water in cold climates. Some of Farm Innovators’ more popular products include heated pet bowls, Thermo Cube temperature activated electric outlets, and state-of-the-art deicers.