Entry Level Housing Discussed by Countywide Leadership

Increasing housing availability and options is the next step in growing communities across Marshall County as the economy continues to rebound and businesses expand. Since the end of the recession, the expanding economy has led to a progressive increase in employment. This increase coupled with future anticipated job growth is raising the opportunity to provide entry-level housing for new employees entering new jobs.

Leadership from Plymouth, Bremen, Culver, and Argos attended an entry-level housing workshop to learn about the numerous federal and state level housing programs, and how these can be applied to their needs. Darin Edwards, an Underwriting and Closing Manager with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, introduced five such programs. 

Those in attendance will take the information back to their respective cities and towns for further considerations. Other discussions with a housing focus are occurring separately within Plymouth’s Downtown Revitalization Committee and Culver’s Affordable Housing Task Force.

For more information, please contact Jerry Chavez, Executive Director of the Marshall County EDC, at (574) 935-8499. 
Photo Source: WNDU
Culver Housing Workshop 4-21-15-261.jpg