Bremen Castings Reaches Safety Milestone

BREMEN, Ind. - Foundries and machine shops are notoriously known for being dangerous places, but one Indiana foundry is changing the tides of the industry. Bremen Castings Inc. (BCI) in Bremen, Indiana has recorded one million man hours without a lost time accident. A lost time accident is defined as an occurrence that resulted in a fatality, permanent disability or lost time from work of one day or shift, and possibly more.

President JB Brown notes, "We've implanted strategies and procedures to make sure that each and every employee is accountable for each others safety while at work," says Brown.

"We require all employees to file 'near miss' reports if they notice something is amiss. For example, if a cable is in the way or there is a slippery step, the employee is responsible for moving it and filing a report to inform upper management of the issue."

Brown adds that the executive team then analyzes the reports to determine how to implement changes that would prevent a potential situation from occurring in the future.

About Bremen Castings Inc.

This family owned foundry and machine shop was founded in 1939 in Bremen, Indiana. With over 70 years of experience, BCI is known worldwide for its quality gray and ductile iron machined castings. As a leader in the machining & foundry industry, Bremen houses its own machine shop & foundry. Keeping up with technology is high on the priority list with the Brown family as the company continually reinvests in new equipment for production, environmental, and automation improvements. BCI uses 92 percent recycled ferrous material to produce world class gray and ductile iron castings for our world market. For more information about Bremen Castings Inc. please visit their website at

Source: Bremen Castings Inc.