Bourbon Business Sees 2nd Major Expansion

Faulkner Fabricating, Inc., a leader in the production of shipping racks and components to the automotive, window, and coal mining industries, announced plans to invest approximately $216,730 in machinery and $960,000 in a building expansion. This capital investment will increase efficiency and profits which will aid in current employee retention and facilitate the creation of 5-10 additional jobs. This expansion is supported by a 10-year personal and real property tax abatement, which was approved by the Marshall County Council at a public hearing yesterday morning.

Faulkner Fabricating, Inc., located just west of Bourbon, is a second generation business founded in 1990. In October of last year, the company announced a $1.5 million expansion which resulted in the creation 5 jobs and doubled the square footage of their facility. Faulkner’s currently proposed expansion will build off of the success of its previous one, allowing it to meet new market demands, expand their service to customers and grow the local economy even further.