Foreign Trade Zone

In 2010, Foreign Trade Zone #125 granted to the St. Joseph County Airport Authority was reorganized under the alternative site framework to include Marshall County in its service area.
The approval of this reorganization allows companies that are located in Marshall County that import parts, materials, or components for manufacturing and finished goods or parts for distribution to become part of the foreign trade zone. These companies operate outside of U.S. Customs so that duties on products brought into these zones can be deferred, reduced, or eliminated.
Specific companies that can take advantage of being in a foreign trade zone are those that import and export merchandise including warehousing facilities, manufacturers, and third party logistics providers.
Prior to the reorganization under that alternative framework, the approval process for FTZ sites was costly and lengthy taking over a year. The approval process can now take a minimum of 30 days for warehousing and distribution facilities and 75 days for manufacturers. Also, the costs of preparing the applications were reduced, and there are no application filing fees.