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Start your business or expand your company in Marshall County and become part of a culture of innovation. Entrepreneurs in northern Indiana turn their passion and ideas into cutting-edge products and services.

An Innovator Profile

Hoosier Racing Tire  

Hoosier Racing TireHoosier Racing Tire is the largest race tire manufacturer in the world and one of the largest employers in Plymouth, Indiana, but it started out with two people and a dream.

Husband and wife team, Robert and Joyce Newton, had a passion for racing. Bob, already an experienced race car driver in the 1950s, wanted better tires to race on northern Indiana's small asphalt tracks. They started a business retreading street tires with softer compounds. In a matter of time, the Newtons were designing, engineering, and overseeing production of specially designed race tires.
The Newton’s first partnered with Mohawk Rubber Company out of Akron, Ohio to produce their revolutionary tires. Then in 1978 they stepped out on their own to build the world’s first and only factory solely devoted to the production of racing tires. In 1985, the Newtons built the first million dollar mixing plant to produce rubber compounds strictly for racing tires. In 1991, Hoosier introduced its own radial race tire into the Busch Grand National Series.

By the mid 1980s, Hoosier Racing Tire’s innovative products earned the company international acclaim with victories in the Winston Cup series and the Daytona 500. Today the company produces over 1000 different race tires made entirely in the US.

This family owned business in Plymouth, Indiana built a global reputation by remaining focused on a single goal: creating the highest quality product in their field. Hoosier Racing Tire’s skilled workforce located in Marshall County continues to pursue excellence through hard work, innovation, and technology.
Northern Indiana is home to more than a dozen colleges and universities offering associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees to traditional and non-traditional students preparing for a career or training in a new field. Nearby colleges are building exciting partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs to research and develop new ideas and design curriculum that matches real-world needs. 
Innovation Park at Notre Dame
Innovation Park at Notre Dame is an exciting new venture launched by the University of Notre Dame just 25 miles north of Marshall County. The mission of Innovation Park at Notre Dame is summed up in three words: Connect, Collaborate, Commercialize.
Innovation Park at Notre Dame is a commercial accelerator that helps transform innovations into ventures ready to enter the marketplace. The Park connects clients with University resources and talent, a world-class network of market experts and early-stage capital providers. Innovation Park believes that dynamic collaboration with these resources leads to more commercially viable ventures.
Innovation Park's clients are regional, national, and international, ranging from ventures at their earliest stages to Fortune 100 companies. Innovation Park is a space designed to help commercialize applied research in a number of fields, including advanced drug discovery, nanoelectonics, orthopedics/biomedical devices, aerospace and flow physics, imaging and others. It is the Park's intention to engage with University faculty to find commercial pathways for innovations from all colleges on campus.